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NEW! Draft Reusable Food Ware and Waste Reduction Ordinance (PDF) The Napa County Climate Action Committee (CAC) will be considering a draft ordinance to eliminate the use of polystyrene food ware and single use plastic food ware items and to require the use of reusable, or compostable, food containers by food providers and customers. Under this draft ordinance, all businesses, non-profits, organizations, or individuals that provides retail food to its customers would be required to use food ware and accessories that can be composted. Food ware and accessories includes containers, coolers, bowls, plates, trays, cartons, cups, lids, straws, stirrers, utensils, napkins, condiment cups and packets, cocktail picks, toothpicks, cup sleeves, tops, spill plugs, packaging, food wrappers, beverage trays, tray liners, and plate liners.  In addition, the ordinance makes changes to Chapter 5. 70 of the County Code, regarding regulations on single-use plastic bags, to align it with State requirements.

NEW! Water Conservation: Make Conservation the Way of Life in Napa County

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