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ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: The Building Division is experiencing delays in permit processing and inspection scheduling due to recent staff shortages and increased applications. We have brought in additional outside consultant services and staff to minimize any delays. Please contact the Building Official if you have an urgent matter. We thank you for your patience and understanding at this time and look forward to returning to our normal level of service as soon as possible.

NOTICE: New Building Code Requirements went into effect June 17, 2021 to improve fire protection for all new residential construction and rebuilds. Please refer to Ordinance No. 1468 and Resolution 2021-50 for details.

Wildfire Recovery Information

Hennessey Fire and Glass Fire 2020 If your property was damaged or destroyed, we are here to help. Visit the Rebuilding After the Fire website for information on the clean up and rebuilding process, or visit the Local Assistance Center (LAC) website for additional fire recovery information and resources.  

COVID-19 Temporary Measures

County Adopts Resolution No. 2021-16 to update COVID-19 temporary measures for health and safety business operations. To submit, please download the fillable Notice of Intent forms for Temporary Measures for COVID-19 Application Form or the Fire-Related Host Winery Business Operations Applicationand then upload the completed form(s) to our PBES cloud services here and PBES staff will be notified that it has been submitted.

PBES Seeking Public Feedback on the DRAFT Agricultural Preserve Residential Development Envelope Ordinance

The purpose of the draft ordinance is to establish a limit on the total land area that allowed-by-right residential land uses can occupy on properties within the County’s Agricultural Preserve (AP) Zoning District, based on the following general components:

  • Limits by-right residential uses and structures on parcels zoned AP to a single contiguous 1-acre building envelope, with certain exceptions and requirements as follows:
  • Existing legally established residential uses and structures that exceed the 1 acre and/or are non-contiguous are allowed as nonconformities and can be modified or relocated, but not expanded without conforming to the ordinance.
  • Allows residential envelopes exceeding 1 acre in size upon grant of a public hearing Use Permit by the Zoning Administrator.  Use Permits require findings addressing the visual appearance from public roads, and requiring avoidance or mitigation to existing on-site agricultural uses.
  • Allows administrative exceptions for non-contiguous 1 acre building envelopes on parcels which have constraints, such as slopes, stream setbacks, easements, environmental constraints, etc.
  • Does not limit agricultural uses or structures, including farmworker housing.
  • Does not apply to AP parcels 1 acre or smaller in size.  Does not apply to any other zoning district (only AP).
  • Requires recordation of easement/deed restriction specifying the residential envelope.  All residential uses/structures must stay within this area.
  • Examples of how the envelope is calculated are provided.

It is anticipated we will request a noticed public hearing before the Planning Commission on September 15th or October 6th (2021).  Noticed public hearing by the Board of Supervisors would occur after the Planning Commission has completed review and formed a recommendation.  It is anticipated the Board of Supervisors may consider the proposal before the end of the year (2021).

Please provide written comments to J[email protected], Supervising Planner, or by phone at (707) 299-1354.


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