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1. Do I have to have children to be eligible to CalWORKs?
2. Do I have to be a US citizen to be eligible?
3. How much cash assistance can I receive?
4. What if I have a cash emergency?
5. How much income is used to calculate the CalWORKs cash aid amount?
6. If I receive Supplemental Security Income / State Supplemental Paymentam I eligible for CalWORKs?
7. If I am approved to receive benefits, how do I access them?
8. What happens if my Electronic Bank Transfer card is not working?
9. What if I have lost my Electronic Bank Transfer card?
10. What if I don’t think I am eligible, can I still apply?
11. How do I know how much money I have left on my card?
12. What about help with food and health care?
13. How do I let the County know about a change in my family circumstances?
14. What is my Income Reporting Threshold (IRT)?