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1. I have been affected by the fire, will I receive any relief to rebuild my home from Engineering?
2. How can I verify that my new main dwelling square footage will meet under the regulation of under 125%?
3. Where can I apply for a grading or floodplain management permit?
4. When is the Winter Shutdown period?
5. Do I have to apply for a Floodplain Management Permit?
6. What is a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA)?
7. Can I change my flood zone determination?
8. What is the typical timeframe for the County's review of Improvement Plans and Grading Plans?
9. My driveway has a slope greater than 20%. Can I apply for a variance to not modify my road?
10. When will my bond or security for a grading permit be returned to me?
11. I want to complain about flooding in my neighborhood
12. When do I need to obtain an encroachment permit?
13. Who do I contact to check if a contractor is licensed?
14. Who do I contact to file a complaint about illegal construction activity?